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Plasma Cutting

We are pleased to offer in house CNC plasma cutting services. We can make all types of parts from steel, stainless, or aluminum. Our newest machine can import AutoCAD DWG and DXF files to give [...]

Bagging Parts

We have added the option of bagging parts for customers to any order. Preprinted bags are available with your part number, and we can add inserts, labels,  or other items on or into the bag [...]

Missouri Metal Stamping

A little background on our shop - Originally Griffin Industries was making caskets and other items for the funeral industry, and did so for over 30 years. However, the landscape for casket makers in the [...]

Stamping vs Laser or Plasma

This is a common question on a lot of parts. Typically in the life cycle of a part constructed from flat steel (sheet, plate, etc), the part will be prototyped using either a CNC cutting system [...]

How long will a die last?

A common question for new customers to stamping is how long will a tool last? The short answer is "a lot". The more exact answer is, unfortunately, a lot more complicated. While it would be [...]

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