Griffin Industries – Sheet Metal Stamping and Forming Professionals 2019-03-03T18:45:16-06:00


Griffin Industries is a production job shop specializing in metal stamping, forming and CNC Laser Cutting. We have over 25 dedicated presses ranging from 12 ton to 250 ton capacity and provide single operation or multistage process. We also have two 3,000 watt CNC Lasers and a CNC Turret Press to handle customized projects as well. Our experts can help you by providing complete turn-key service from assisting with design or creating samples and prototypes, to delivering your completed product. We also provide complete die maintenance in house. Our capabilities allow us to complete your stamping and forming needs competitively and on time. To learn more about stamping and how Griffin and can help you click here.


Industry leading stamping options including both hard tooling and custom setup. Your material or ours, we can work with you to produce something great.


Our capacity allows us to react quickly and make multiple parts simultaneously. We work as a partner with our customers to meet deadlines.


We ship to all points in the US and nearly any international destination, and have dedicated equipment for delivery in Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Kansas.


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